It all started when…

… we posted our final article at Red Team Journal. By that point, we felt “red teaming” had become too constraining a concept for the issues and concepts we wanted to explore. Still, we weren’t ready to abandon the spirit of the original Red Team Journal mission; in fact, that 1998 mandate seemed to us to be as timely now as then.

Hence this site, Red Team Journal Plus, where we intend to address the challenge of designing, building, and securing the interconnected sociotechnical systems that make modern life possible. Red teaming remains part of our kit, but we intend to extend our scope well beyond traditional red teaming into new and emerging approaches.

For inspiration, we look back at the blossoming of new analytical methods that occurred during the early years of the Cold War. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity compels us now more than ever to birth new ways of seeing, understanding, and surviving this world we’ve created.

Our writers represent…

… a cross-section of interests, skills, and experience. Some choose to write anonymously and others do not. Regardless, we hope you find their insights worthy of attention, and if you don’t, contact us to respond with your own thoughts. We hope to remain true to our heritage and facilitate open discussion and debate.

Join the discussion …

… with us on our Slack channel. Contact us to learn more.